Portal 2 Log #2: Ohai, GLaDoS!

I wish I knew why I waited a week before writing up a game log, ‘cuz it really makes things kind of inconvenient. While I like to think I have a fantastic memory and all, it’s hard to recall events that happened so long ago. To recall those raw, true emotions…

Fuck it. Enough stalling. So last Thursday night I dove into Portal 2, and I laughed a LOT. I mean, cackling. We’re talking about putting-the-controller-down-for-at-least-30-seconds-maniacal-laughter.

Also, let me introduce you to one of the more recent inductees to Britt’s Favorite Characters of All Time:

Wheatley, why are you so awesome and funny?

Again, I am a loony fool when I play this game. “Apple. Say APPLE. Okay, you just jumped…”

I didn’t proceed too far into the game, but there was a moment when I was carrying good ol’ Wheatley around thinking, “You know, there is no way they could kill this dude off. He’s too awesome!”

…not even five minutes later GLaDOS was reactivated and Wheatley was crushed and tossed away from me.


While I’m upset I don’t get to hear Wheatley’s banter (for the time being?), it is good times to listen to GLaDOS again and how she still hasn’t forgiven me for “murdering” her all those years ago. Teehee.

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