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OHAI, GUYS! Sometimes I forget this is a blog and that because it is a blog I’m obligated to keep you privy with the latest, the greatest and the not-so-greatest in my life. I mean, that’s how it works, right? This place is like an online diary just waiting for you to get your grubby hands on.

With that being said — HERE we go! (If you didn’t say that in a Mario-esque voice, please re-read the sentence and say it with the appropriate pronunciation. Thank you.)

The Business

“Once upon a time, a Blonde Nerd took a plunge, quit her government job because she was fed up and launched her own social media marketing business….”

So, yeah, that happened. But I’m happy to report, due to extreme self-ass-kicking, my business is going very well. I have a steady client base and as luck would have it I’m making more money than I was at my prior job and working half of the hours. Eat that, ex co-workers.

Entrepreneurism, I love you.

I’m not telling you this because I want to be all “ZOMG LOOK AT ME AND HOW GREAT I’M DOING!” I’m telling you because I know several of you have told me (publicly and privately) that you aren’t thrilled about your current job situation and wish you were doing something else. Trust me, I get it.  I want you to know that if you work your ass off, get yourself out there and know what you want, your goal is totally obtainable.

Yeah, yeah — I know I’m bordering the line of extreme cheese, but it’s true. Had I not dedicated 4+ hours a day to my website and to building my “brand” while I was still working full-time…well, I wouldn’t be writing this paragraph. I mustn’t forget to mention that I had a few folks pushing me HARD and constantly shoving motivation down my throat, which is why I want you to send me an email to Britt@BlondeNerd.com if you feel like you need some motivating yourself. It was the push I needed to take the biggest leap of faith in my life, and it paid off. Which leads me to…

How’s That Gaming Going?

Right, so I’m working half of the hours I once was. This must mean I am getting some SERIOUS gaming time in, right?

GYAAAH ::headdesk::

While the amount of time I spend gaming HAS gone up, it’s not nearly what I’d like it to be. Currently, I’m playing Enchanted Arms, The Witcher, Resident Evil 6, and I sorta-kinda started Twilight Princess again. I just wrapped up New Super Mario Brothers U and want to start ZombiU soon, and I need to play Episode 5 of The Walking Dead.

If you read my game logs, you may have noticed I haven’t kept a game log for Enchanted Arms, NSMBU or The Witcher. (I think the only games I’m tracking are RE6 and The Walking Dead). Aaand this is because A) I’m too lazy and B) Every time I keep a game log it requires me to button-mash with a camera at my side, which causes me to miss half of the cut scenes because I’m trying to snap photos like a madwoman.

Not only that, but when I don’t have to worry about updating a game log I’m really able to just unwind with whatever game it is I’m playing. So, instead of writing play-by-plays, I’ll just do a one-post recap after I finish a game. So, look for the NSMBU recap soon!

Oh, and, um, obviously I have a Wii U. I went to a cute lil’ launch in Seattle and have some photos I want to post, so stay tuned for those as well!

The Randoms:

  • The Girls of Geek Calendar I’m in ships in a few weeks! You should, like, order a copy. I took quite a few dorky pictures for the calendar, so I can’t wait for you guys to see them! Here’s one of the many:Okay, time for some real talk. Admittedly I was nervous about even participating in The Girls of Geek because I didn’t want to come across as one of those “ZOMG I HAVE A VAGINA (at least I think I do) AND I PLAY VIDEOGAMES SO THAT MAKES ME SPESHUL!” types. And, yeah, some people are going to perceive it that way. But y’know what? I figured I’ve been around long enough that my true internet friends and buddies and pals know who I am, what I’m about and that I’m not just a vagina with a controller in hand. Or something. Either way, it was a fun shoot and I can’t wait to share the pics with you guys.
  • I’m getting certified to be a Scuba diver in a few weeks for a cruise I’m going on in mid-January. Part of me is anxious (I’d say it’s more of an excited-anxious) and part of me is like, “HELL YES. I’M GOING TO BE WEARING THE IRL VERSION OF A ZORA TUNIC.”
  • I went shopping on Black Friday and bought five games. I expect them to be in the shrink wrap for a few more years, when I’ll finally get around to them. Look for that post soon, too!
  • I still have an unhealthy obsession with Alistair.
  • You. Me. PAX East.
  • I also still have an unhealthy relationship with very hot and spicy hot wings. Because of this, my butt does not like me.

OKAY! I think I’ve used up enough of your time for today, so I’ll call it quits here!

Peace, love and buttsex,



  1. First off, if I order the Calender, how do I make it know it is more that I am a fan of the amazing Britt and others as opposed to just wanting to oggle girls. This nice guy rep has been working me so far.

    Secondly, I am so happy that this is all working out for you. Britt for all the laughs and awesome images you have linked to us, you deserve to be happy and successful. You truly are a kind, sincere, encouraging person and the planet is better for having you.

    The examples of people like you have inspired me in my life. Like recently an opportunity was floating near me like a zombie that paused to sniff for humans. I leapt at the flesh eater of opportunity and cleaved into his skull with my machete of chance taking and thanks to the hard work of my swinging arm, I succeeded. Hope my extended metaphor in run on sentence form makes sense.

    So exciting :D!!!

    • Aw, Brad, you’re one of my favorite people. Thank you so much! And your metaphor made perfect sense — I hope everything works out for you! Keep me posted! <3

  2. I totally could use your motivational skills in regards to my career issues, Britt, but I’d be a hard nut to crack, because I lost my 20s to the “cheese” that you described above- I dove in, worked 8 straight years, 7 days a week, 10-24 hour days, 365 days a year. I was the best in my position at 4 different companies. All I got out of it was ruined credit (one employer didn’t pay me $7800 one pay cycle, then went bankrupt, leaving me broke) and the understanding I could no longer do the only career I knew how to do. So I learned that working hard does not equal success- others can ruin things for you when you do nothing wrong! #SadTromboneWahWahWah

    My life is stuck in hardcore mode, and I want to play on normal before I get fed up and hit the reset button! >_< (Also, my life is rated G, and I'd like it to be rated M due to sexual situations. =P)

  3. Yo Britt!

    Happy to hear that your efforts are paying off. If anybody deserves the success, it’s you. You were on this path long before we met, but I’m extremely proud to see you doing so well.

    I may need to pick at you for that “kick in the butt” you mentioned. I’m feeling a bit… “stagnant.”

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing how far you go. You’ve earned this. :)

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