Pokkén Tournament Announced

Do you like ya’self some Pokémon? Do you like ya’self some fighting genre?! WELL YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE YA’SELF THE ANNOUNCEMENT MADE EARLIER THIS MORNING FROM THE POKÉMON COMPANY.

Introduuuucing…Pokkén Tournament!

As of right now it looks like Pokkén Tournament will be coming exclusively to Japanese arcades in 2015, but due to some legal trademark shenanigans it looks possible that the game will also come to the Wii U way down the road. Fingers crossed. I typically don’t enjoy fighting games, but I’ll try anything with Pokémon slapped on it.

Now excuse me while I temporarily step on my soapbox. Ahem.  WHY. WHY a Japanese aracde fighter. WHY not an HD, sexy, fleshed-out, massive Pokémon RPG for the Wii U. WHY. WHYYYYYYYYYYY. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

::throws hands in hair, hangs head and slowly steps off soapbox::



    • Yeah? Well that’s awesome, then. I’m sure a lot feel the same way, too! :D YOU KIDS AND YOUR FIGHTER GAMES.

  1. I saw the name and immediately thought “Eh a Pokemon Tekken?” seems I was correct in that assumption. I would play anything with Pokemon in it too. We’re such suckers :P

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