Pokemon Pick Up Lines


I’ve always had a thing for Pokemon pick up lines. I think (at their best) they’re adorably witty, hilarious and extremely perverted. Basiiiiically they have a base accuracy rating of 90% against yours truly.

I wish I lived in a world where these sort of pick up attempts were, like, of the norm. Wouldn’t that make dating so much more fun?! And talking to people would be sooo much easier. What better way to break the ice than be all, “Can I fertilize you with my Sunkern?” (Also, I can’t take credit for that one. But it did have me rolling when I first heard it.)

What’s your favorite line?


  1. One time during lunch in high school, a cute girl at the table coughed and I said:

    “Make sure that coughing doesn’t evolve into weezing!”

    No one at the table knew wtf I was talking about, except the girl who coughed, who then laughed and called me a nerd.

    I win.

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