PLEASE SAY IT’S SO: Possibly More RDR Coming


So, like, here’s the thing. I loved Red Dead Redemption to pieces. I adored it. I wanted John Marston’s babies — although I have an inkling he’d have stinky crotch, but I digress. Point is the MOMENT I put down the controller and watched RDR’s credits fly, I wanted another iteration. Not necessarily a sequel, mind you, and those of you have completed the game likely know why this is, but dammit I still think about RDR to this day and its been over three years SO THAT MEANS SOMETHING.

Instead of outlining all for you via text (I have a date with GameWorks I have to get to) I’ll post IGN’s video:



Now I know RDR is essentially GTA with horses, but there was something about RDR that hooked me like a Hylian Loach. For one, I’ve never been able to finish a GTA title. (I’m hoping that’ll change with GTA V!) Two: I feel like Rockstar NAILED the western ambiance and holy hell, that game was fun to explore and roam about. Three: to this DAY I call horseback riding throughout hills “John Marstoning“.  Four:  probably THE best multiplayer memories I have stem from romping around RDR’s barren lands with my buddy Beez.

HNGHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m seriously giddy over this news. So glad to hear it (apparently) hasn’t been forgotten.

Did you play RDR? Are you excited for another iteration?


  1. I pretty much share all of your sentiment about this game, and I would add that I even love the multiplayer (which a lot of people criticized/scoffed at). I hesitate in calling this ‘news,’ though. Seems like IGN is reaching quite a bit with this.

    I seriously hope I’m wrong, though! More RDR would make my year (probably more literally than I would care to admit).

  2. If nothing else, the RDR expansion: Undead Nightmare is just as amazing, if not moreso than the original game. It is also an amazing blend of Old West and Zombie adventure. I was also made legitimatly sad when I had to kill Big Foot. :(

    • Now that I think of it, I’ve never beaten a Rockstar game since Vice City. I may have beaten San Andreas but I never get around to it. I beat Undead Nightmare, but not RDR. Now I feel bad.

      • LOL. Damn, I need to play RDR Undead Nightmare! Maybe that’ll be the next thing I do after Borderlands.

        • Doooooo it. It is Amazeballs. Also, you get to tame and master the 4 horses of the Apocalypse and even a unicorn that leaves a rainbow trail. It has something for everyone, really.

          • OMG WHAT THERE”S A UNICORN??! Okay I’m playing that again tonight when I get home.

            PS. – you should absolutely finish RDR, it’s ‘Amazeballs.’

          • I do try to finish, but holy crap, long game is LOOOOOOOONG. And yes there is a Unicorn in Undead Nightmare. It’s the last horse you tame and then you can call on any of the 4 Horses or Unicorn. It hangs near the bottom right corner of the map. You can find a how to on Gamefaqs easy enough.

  3. I’ve beaten almost every GTA game since GTA III, but RDR is still hands down the best open world game I’ve ever played. GTA V is supposedly taking some cues from RDR (especially in the combat department, which is definitely a good thing), so while I am excited for it I would definitely prefer another Red Dead game instead.

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