Playing the Trading App Game

If the thought of playing the stock exchange is about as far removed from video games as you could imagine then you haven’t considered Betfair’s trading app. Designed to be a completely virtual experience with a real life purpose, the mobile software is much more like a computer game than you might think.

At its core the world of trading is simply an ever changing matrix of numbers and prices and it’s your job to navigate through this numerical flow and come out the other side in profit. Like a classic platform game (think Super Mario collecting coins), the idea is earn enough cash so that when you take a hit (from an angry mushroom) it doesn’t kill you or your bankroll.

Of course, while there isn’t a proverbial “bad guy” for you battle with, the process of seeking out the best investments and managing your money is enough of a task for anyone.

So how has Betfair’s trading app harnessed these ideals and converted them into a digital platform?

In a nutshell, the operator has taken its desktop betting exchange, used it as a template to create a trading platform and optimised it for both the iOS and Android markets. Like many of the world’s top mobile games the app itself is free, but if you want to utilise all of its features then you need to invest some money. Fortunately, Betfair’s tech team has enabled secure deposits, which means you can simply swipe your screens a few times and begin the game.

However, while the look and feel of Betfair’s trading app might be reminiscent of a computer game, it’s important to remember the money you’re risking isn’t. Never spending more than you can afford the golden rule in the trading world and something you need to bear in mind if you’re looking to try out a new virtual challenge.

Does all this mean you’ll never play a computer game again? Are we even sure this app can be classed as a “game”? In answer to both: no. However, as the mobile market continues to grow and apps begin to borrow traits from different areas of the industry we expect to see a lot more crossover between utilities and hardcore mobile games.

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