Plague Inc.

Have you heard of Plague Inc.? It’s an insanely addicting pandemic simulation game, and probably the best one out there.  You’d never know it, but it’s strangely addicting to watch your created pathogen destroy billions of people—…ahem. You should look into purchasing it.

And because I, Brittney Brombacher, like to remind you all of how mature I am, I will provide a few screenshots of Plague Inc. that will hopefully sway you into “I MUST PURCHASE THIS NOW!” mode.

…WHAT? Don’t look at me that way ;)


  1. Oh god -___- i been planning on getting this for my iPwn but no monies… time to jailbreak LOLOL but damn buttsex is sure contagious LOL Wait what…. buttsex is evolving…”play pokemon evolving song” to…. Surprise Buttsex…. LAWLZ

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