Pixels Trailer

Sooo am I the only one excited for this? I feel like everyone is all, “EWW it’s going to suck BOYCOTT BOYCOTT djakfdjakfjdka;!” And I’m over here like, dudebros, it has video games in it. I’m gonna knock a few back (like I typically do before seeing a movie) and have a great time with friends. Why is it so hard for people to freakin’ chill out and look for the positives in things? /rant

Anywhozers, Pixels comes out this summer. That last part with¬†Toru Iwatani…I lol’d HARD.


  1. OMG LOL ive never heard of this till you showed this but im really excited now. this combines some of my favorite things. I still like Adam Sandler, video games in plots, and Im no movie buff but I will see ANY movie or tv show with Kevin James, He is pretty much my favorite actor cause every time I watch stuff with him in it I always get at least one laugh. So yeah count me in for this one.

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