Persona 5 Delayed, New Trailer Is Awesome

While some grasped¬†onto the hope that Persona 5 would make it’s original launch year, of, y’know, 2015, the majority of us kinda had a feeling it just wasn’t a thing that was going to happen. And with Tokyo Game Show happening as we speak — er, as I type — we knew it was a matter of time before we got our answer.

Aaaand, as expected, Atlus announced Persona 5 would be delayed in 2016.

BUT. But. But but but. It’s all good. Seriously. [Insert cliche saying about how we always want developers to take their time because we all want a quality product in the end.] Not only that, but uhhh 2015 is kind of going to be a crazy year as it is. I’m okay with one or two titles getting delayed. (Too soon, Star Fox fans?)

Anyway, to soothe your sadness, watch the above trailer if you haven’t already. Hot DAMN Persona 5 looks fucking amazing — and super duper pretty. Love the art style and ALL OF THE COLORS.

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