PAX South: Hands-On With Just Shapes And Beats

I almost want to compare Just Shapes and Beats to Raiden Fighters, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. Nor would it be to compare it to Geometry Wars. But they’re sorta-kinda the same thing but only if you sorta-kinda imagine they had a lovechild with simplistic tendencies that pumps out ridiculously catchy indie beats. It may sound weird, but trust me, it’s quite the rad mash-up.

The goal of Just Shapes and Beats is simple: you gotta survive. Players utilize the analog stick to move their shapes, and there’s a dash button that allows the shapes to quickly sprint across the screen, which not only helps avoid obstacles, but grants temporary invisibility. These features make for fun, simple gameplay, but the real awesomeness lies in the beats that permeates every level.

With ‘dem beats EVERYTHING you do feels badass and a million times more groovy. Know what I mean? Not just that, but this game is colorful, bright, flashy…it almost feels like you’re attending an on-screen rave.

I had a few moments to shoot the shit with members form the team. They’re awesome, chill folk who you can tell are just having a freakin’ ball working on this title. They’re seriously all about promoting the music. Before every level, players will see the name of the artist and the title of their song. It’s a neat thing to do, really.

I can’t wait to play this bad boy on my projector and surround sound duo. The neighbors will surely complain. >:D

There’s no release date just yet, but as soon as I hear anything I’ll definitely let you know.

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