Our PAX South Panel: Women In Geek Girl Media

I had the extreme pleasure of joining a remarkable group of women for a panel at PAX South last weekend. And it wasn’t just any ol’ panel, it was my first panel. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but thanks to the rad, warm company (and the margaritas!) I found myself feeling rather at-home with a microphone in my face.

Our panel, “Women in Geek Girl Media”, touched on topics such as breaking into the industry, what hurdles to expect, staying motivated, the importance of supporting others, and more. It gives me SO much personal gratification to be able to speak on these topics, as I myself jumped head-first into this industry years ago without knowing much of its logistics. I learned some hard, HARD lessons, and dammit, if there’s anything I can do to help and guide those who are just starting out I’m aaaaaaaall for it.


I was blown, and I repeat BLOWN away by the attendance. Friends, we had a packed house. It’s beyond humbling that so many people were genuinely interested in what we had to say. Not only that, but all of the hugs, handshakes and positive feedback you gave each and every one of us after the panel was exhilarating. I was seriously on cloud nine for the remainder of the weekend. Hell, thinking about it still gets me a bit jacked.

I cannot say it enough: thank you for your support. It means everything.

If you haven’t already, I suggest following my fellow panelists. These ladies are top-notch people.

Danni Danger

Melissa K.

Mia Moore


elder katey


  1. Great panel Brittney, everyone looked like they had a good time, once again you in particular got your message across great about who you are, so congrats on your first panel.

  2. Just watched the youtube video, the panel was fantastic! So happy that it was a huge success :) But lol did you really tell each that you thought there would only be like two rows of people? Walking into that room must have been such a great feeling.

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