Original (Remastered) Mega Man NES Commercial


Things were so simple, yet so exciting. Or perhaps things back then things only appear to be simplistic because we’re currently living in an age where our phones can practically do everything but wipe our asses, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s already a thing.

Since we’re kinda on the topic let’s talk about Bad Box Art Mega Man. I’ve never been a huge Mega Man fan, simply because growing up I never played the games, but even I am aware of this nastiness that is Bad Box Art Mega Man. I always crook an eyebrow whenever I lay eyes on the atrocity that is the old box art. Like, WTF. That guy is the stuff of my nightmares. Do not want. Do not need. Do not wish to ever lay eyes upon again.

bad box art

Ewwwwww. Creeps me out, man. Creeps me the fuck out.


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  1. Aww come on, the SFxT version of Mega/Rockman was a thing of beauty since it was a parody of shit US box/cart artwork (the PAL nations got better art, but much more dark in tone and an all-silver Mega), while also paying homage to the Megaman Legends/Rockman DASH! I don’t see any other way for Mega to actually transcend into a game with Tekken AND Street Fighter characters, given the more colorful artstyle of the MvC games.

    It’s just sad that half the damn roster for SFxT is locked behind a paywall. (Two TOTALLY unlockable if you have the 360 version, but still exists on-disc.)

    I know Mighty No. 9/Beck is pretty much “Megaman Rebooted” in terms of play, but after seeing this, I’d like to see more original Mega/Rockman than just as a playable character in the next Smash. Not X, Not Zero, Not any other future models that nobody cares about (with maybe the exception of Volnutt since Legends/Dash! is alternate universe). Oldschool Megaman.

    (and who uses Elec beams to off Gutsman?! Bomb > Rock. I’d say commercial fail, but why advertise how to beat the game faster?)

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