Organizing Pokémon Cards

So, I have this thing. Basically I’m obsessed with organizing Pokémon cards. When I was younger and the only cards available were Base set, Fossil and Jungle, I’d find a million different ways to  rearrange them – by element, evolutions, sets, names, card numbers, etc.– and I’d do so on a monthly basis. And when you have a binder full of cards that’s half of the size of your body, well, it’s not a simple task. There were many times I grew tired of organizing those cards halfway through the process, in which case I would erratically shove everything into sleeves and stash the binder away like it was the plague or something. 

But all in all I find it an incredibly tranquil thing to do. 

A few days ago I was searching my woman cave for something or another, but instead ended up finding a tin full of *GASP* unorganized Pokémon cards. (Don’t ask me where they came from, as I have no effin’ clue, although my best bet is I probably bought them at a garage sale.) Now that I knew I had loose Pokémon cards floating around in my woman cave it required a call to arms…eventually. I needed to find this thing called “free time” first. 

Yesterday I found myself with the aforementioned free time and I thought most amazing-est, perfect-est and best-est way to spend it would be to immerse myself in Pokémon glory and organize ‘dem loose Pokémon cards. 

But, uh, hello. HI. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT SETS I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. How many sets have been released since Jungle and Fossil?! Before I knew it I had several different piles of sets scattered in my living room—it reminded me of when I went through this last June when you guys helped me figure out WTF is what. 


Aaaaand this is where I left off yesterday. Thinking about continuing Operation: Organize Things of Which I Don’t Know What They Are makes me feel warm, fuzzy and giddy inside. Any of you guys remember organizing your ish like I did? I don’t know what it is, but there’s something EXTREMELY satisfying about it! Like, “Yeah, I’m a badass, I have binders full of Pokémon cards.” 

Or something.


  1. OH GOD! Not Pokemon cards! I remember when Pokemon was THE thing to do and I used to collect these too, I’ve still got a binder of overflowing cards stashed away somewhere. I can still remember those little packets I used to buy and would hope for the omg-rare holographic one haha.

    And btw I guess you really can’t get much more obsessed with Dragon Age since there’s a picture on the background of your phone of Alistair. (It’s nice to know who these characters are now that I finally played the game)

    • HAHAHAHA…oh yes. I was hoping no one would see that. ;)

      Butchyeah, you should find those cards and send me pics so I can internet-fap to them.

  2. same as me with my comic collections….Only that it’s harder to choose to how to set it in? Alphabetical, By Number, or By Sheer Awesomeness

    • EXACTLY! That’s why I kept on organizing them…I could never come up with an order that satisfied me for more than a month or so.

  3. I have the same problem, always organizing the cards, and never satisfied how i organize them… >_<

  4. I know exactly what you mean!!
    To be honest, I’m sitting here, TRYING to organize my collection, which is currently at around 4.000 Pokémon cards.. And it’s hopeless!
    I can’t just pick my favourite cards because that splits up evolutions, and I can’t make myself do that! Type is kinda ridiculous since Charmander and Charmeleon suddenly became lightning Pokémon later on.. So I’m just lost -.-‘

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