Final Hours For PS4 Rumors!

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Assuming we get a mouthful of meat and girth tonight, this is the last day to speculate about what wonders Sony will reveal during tonight’s press conference. True to industry fashion the rumors have become even more rampant, and according to a “reliable” source of  Kotaku this is what you can expect in less than five hours:

  • The PlayStation 4 is currently planned to consist of two SKUs, costing $429 and $529. However, and I quote: “that could change.” ;)
  • Each PS4 will come with a PlayStation Eye, and a new “spectating” feature will allow you to watch whatever game your friends are playing from your console dashboard, even if you don’t own that specific game.
  • You’ll be able to be control the PS4 from your tablet or smartphone, as well as using the aforementioned mobile devices to chat with your brosephs or buy games that will download to your PS4 machine.
  • The controller looks a little somethin’-somethin’ like this:

PS4 Controller


Sooo? Thoughts?

The spectator feature, if true, could be fun although I don’t know when I’d have the kind of time to sit down and watch someone play through a few rounds of Resistance 4 or whatever. That being said, I could see some people who like to stream their games optimizing the feature. As far as the price goes — and again, if these numbers are accurate — I hope to GOD there isn’t such thing as $529 system, because chances are I’ll have the mentality of “Well, go big or go home!” and will walk out of a store $700 or so shorter than when I walked in.

In any case we won’t have much longer to speculate! Make sure you tune into the stream tonight!

Kotaku: The PS4 Will Be Out This November, And You’ll Be Able To Control It With Your Phone


    • Yeah, that’s insane. I remember specifically writing on my MySpace blog that anyone who pays that much for a console ins INSANE. But then again I wasn’t working, sooo…I might just have to be insane this year!

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