Oi, Robin, How U Doin?!











You gotta admit, he looks like Cole (from inFamous) and Eminem’s lovechild. Which I guess isn’t a terribly bad thing…::giggity::

But I’ll be honest. The last time I ever followed Robin in any shape or form was when he looked like this…
…so I really have no right to judge his character. At any rate, I’m extremely pumped for Arkham City. CAN’T. FRIGGEN. WAIT.

What do you think of Robin’s new design?

PS: …I’d hit it.


    • Think that’s just the corner of his mask cause he’s doing a whole face down emo thing. I’m with Britt though – while the design if fine, I’ve missed the whole “Robin Is A Cool Character” thing… Dick Grayson/Batman 70’s Show is the only Robin I know. I’m mildly intrigued to see what’s up.

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