OHai! Let me tell you about my busy weekend and my huge fail.

What the hell is up everybody?! Hope your weekend was swell and all that good stuff.

The past few days have been exhilarating and yet unbelievably exhausting. Even after spending all day Monday attempting to recoup (I played Dragon Age: Origins for 14 hours…) my eyelids still feel like they’re going to forcibly shut and send me off into slumber any minute. But as they say, there is no rest for the wicked, ‘cuz on Thursday I’m hopping on an airplane and spending the weekend in Boston for PAX East!

I honestly can’t fathom that I’m going to be on six-hour flight in less than 48 hours, reason being that I did so much this weekend, and have so much coming up I can’t stop and concentrate on ONE thing.

I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. Seriously, in the span of this weekend I wandered the halls of Emerald City Comicon, judged NERDprov, met one my favorite authors, watched an incredibly entertaining concert, watched my very first episode of Buffy, posted new contests for We’re Alive/We’re Not Dead, moved more loot over to my womancave and edited a podcast.

A lot of those things warrant their own post, so for now I’ll just tell you what’s currently on my mind.


Dear readers,

I find myself perplexed. You see, I’ve come to realize that there are a few things in this world that are seriously fucked up. I will provide an example:

As I type this sentence, a kajillion gamers across this nation are playing Dragon Age 2. As I type this sentence, not one, but TWO copies of Dragon Age 2 are sitting behind a shelf at my local GameStop with my name on them.  As I type this sentence, I am at work. BUTIMONMYLUNCHBREAKSODON’TYETLLATME.

Okay, so let me break it down for you even further: Today is Tuesday, March 08, 2011. Today is the day Dragon Age 2 hits shelves. I am not playing Dragon Age 2.

Courtesy of Bable Fish:

El hoy es el martes 8 de marzo de 2011. El hoy es los estantes de los golpes de la edad 2 del dragón del día. No estoy jugando la edad 2. del dragón.

GRAAWWWWGH. I’VE BEEN COUNTING DOWN TO THIS DAY FOR 24 WEEKS. I have the screenshot to prove it!

So, what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened.

I started a new save of Dragon Age: Origins about a week ago. I thought I’d have enough time between now and then to finish the core game AND all of the DLC by…well, by today.


To put things into perspective, I spent 14 hours yesterday playing DA:O and I’d guess I’m about a third of the way completed. Yep. So, here’s my quandary: I don’t have a recent Dragon Age: Origins save file I can use to transfer over to Dragon Age 2. Now, I have several save files, but none of them are recent enough that I remember what decisions I made.

So, you know what this means?

I can’t play Dragon Age 2 until I finish this current DA:O save (I mean I could, but I want to see my decisions from DA:O reflected in the sequel) and I still have about 30 hours of story left in DA:O.

I leave for Boston in two days.

Ultimately, I won’t be playing Dragon Age 2 until next week.



  1. EPIC Planning FAIL! Seriously though that really does blow, luckily for me Home Front requires no pre-playing of other games so I’ve got no worries until next week =].

    Have fun at PAX though that sounds like so much fun! I have to make a point to find a way to make it to one of these..the only problem is that none of my friends are into games as much as I am so I’d have no one from home to go with =/

  2. So obviously you don’t deserve to mate with Bioware, or anybody for that matter. Pssst, I haven’t even played Dragon Age and have no intentions of ever doing so, ever.

  3. First off, sorry I’ll miss you at PAX East. Had surgery and a busy March ahead so something had to give.

    Second, when you pick a save file to import, it will tell you can see all of the big decisions you made on your save file. If you played Awakening off of an Origins save, it will add a few things.

    Have fun in Boston.

  4. Totally understand ur situation. I’m sailing on the same boat as you. I’ve started wit the ultimate edition weeks back and have just completed 40hrs of gameplay. DA2 releases on the 11th in India but I still doubt I’ll have the complete save game before my pre-order arrives :(

  5. That suuuucks! Well at least you have PAX east to keep your mind off it. It will probably be harder when your trying to finish your run through Origins and Dragon Age 2 is staring at you. It will all be worth it though when you hear about your legendary Warden Slaying Dragons and groping Alistair. Keep on trucking Brit you know Bioware will reward you for your dedication to story.

  6. I opted not to pick up Dragon Age 2 until I come back from PAX East. I wanted to give it my full concentration but right now with all the packing and planning, I can’t.

  7. Um. That Spanish translation was a little bad. lol. I had to read it a few times before I realized you said the same thing but in Spanish. And eh. Don’t worry about it. It’s good to take a break from the addiction. Gives you time reflect on your addiction.

  8. DJofSparta: Brutal indeed. Sigh. :)
    Marc: I KNOW! How did I let this happen?! But yes, you should try to make it out sometime. You’ll meet a lot of cool people at the convention!
    Marcus: HOW DARE YOU!? Nah, you’re right. I’ve lost mating privileges with Bioware for a while.
    Drickelini: Cool, good to know. And thanks, it’ll be fun!
    Shaveen: I’m glad someone knows and understands my pain. There is just SO much to do in DA:O, and I wanna try to do all of it.
    Derrick: That’s why I haven’t picked up my copies of DA2 yet! It’ll be winking at me the entire time I’m playing DA:O!
    Halfazedninja: You’re probably doing yourself a favor. I dunno how you could resist otherwise!
    Obed: HA! Yeah, it is pretty bad huh. Stupid Bable Fish.

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