Sooooo…about that moving situation…ahem. You’re, ahaha, going to find this hilarious because I’ve decided to not, uh, move. Yup. As of, like three days ago I’m sticking it out in my downtown Seattle crib.  The truth is after realizing I would be leaving this place, I started to truly miss it, and I hadn’t even moved out yet! It’s just so close to friends, GameWorks and several hot wing establishments. (Don’t judge me, those are crucial factors.) Not to mention it’s only a few blocks away from the convention center (YAY CON CONVENIENCE!) and, uh, last time I checked downtown Seattle was pretty amazing. Also, I might as well live it up downtown as long as I can. Y’know, before I get old and actually want some peace and quiet (AKA a house in the ‘burbs).

Unfortunately, though, as much as I love my current apartment and how convenient it is that still doesn’t solve the problem that ultimately lead to me consider moving out in the first place.


Right, so the problem was (and kind of still is) I’m lacking room for my gaming goodness. Y’know, all of those games, collector’s editions mambo-jumbos, etc. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I went to IKEA the other night to scout my options. After all, that store is known for its plentiful cabinets and other storage stuffthings, so I recruited the help of a dear friend and off we went. I only planned to see what was available and gauge the probability that I would be able to actually fit everything in my place.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that this is what I would have left with:

furniture 1
Yes. This is how this thing was driven for 40 minutes.

car Um.

Well, needless to say I’m now committed, with the unmentionable price investment I put into the above furniture and all. It’s going to be a BITCH to put together, but the good news is I think I’ll be able to make it work. 




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