Ocarina of Time Speedrun: 22 minutes, 38 seconds

Last night I was perusing my Xbox 360’s YouTube app (which was my first time doing so) while sippin’ some whiskey and overall just taking it easy before the Monday madness began. I was feeling a bit nostalgic (thanks, Jack Daniel!) and out of curiosity searched for videos of Ocarina of Time. I watched a few glitch videos, the history of Hyrule and some other random nostalgic goodness…then I saw the above video.

Now, we all know it’s not technically possible to 100% Ocarina of Time in 22 minutes, but nevertheless this dude completed the game in that amount of time. It’s jaw-dropping to watch him do his thang so freakin’ smoothly — seriously, color me jealous — and BECAUSE THAT JUST ISN’T ENOUGH he even talks us through everything he’s doing and how the glitches were discovered. Seriously, it’s good shit. Watch and be amazed.

Please excuse me while I attempt to defeat Ganon with a Deku Stick.


  1. That’s pretty awesome, though pretty cheap as well. Exploiting a major glitch to go from the first level to the last doesn’t really count as a speed run in my book. It does take skill, but not the kind of skill the the developers intended.

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