No need to “Grumble, Grumble” Zelda’s coming to a phone near you!

At some point or other we’ve all had that urge to go back and play games that were familiar to us during that special time we started to individually experience the exciting, epic journey that is video gaming.

Nowadays it’s not as easy to find the machines that powered our favourites, which is sad because there is something quite magical about powering up an old-school console, feeling the nuances and the simplicity of bygone controllers, reliving every bit of the ‘classic’ console gaming era.

Today, gaming on a smartphone can be an extremely fun, adrenaline fuelled frenzied affair which takes advantage of today’s modern, powerful smartphones.

Our smartphones are so powerful they produce games that not only look stunning but games that also play all so well, anywhere, anytime.

One game that has the ability to deliver on both a nostalgic front as well as a timeless quality gaming experience is the Legend of Zelda and now, yes now, you’ll be able to experience this incredible, genre defining game on your phone today.

The classic NES game has been reproduce by a one of Zelda’s biggest fans; Rich McLaughlin, who recreated and built the game on HTML 5 canvas. McLaughlin mapped out all the screens, the enemy AI, every movement, each line of text and even the screen transitions – a herculean effort by any standard.

For the creator, recreating the game ‘pixel-perfect’ was never the aim. The idea was to create a game that plays how the originators, Nintendo, intended – lots of fun!

The project isn’t completely finished yet, but the beauty of it is the fact that a new generation can play and experience the pure charm and enjoyment of one of the greatest games ever made.

Of course, recent news will tell us that Nintendo themselves are ready to jump on board mobile gaming, relying not on their own hardware to deliver the goods but on the smartphone companies themselves. Who knows, maybe we’ll see an ‘official’ Zelda game firing up in our hands sooner than we think? We hope so.

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