Nintendo Direct TOMORROW! :D

New 3DS

If you currently hail from the west coast you’re gonna want to rise n’ shine early tomorrow, kiddos, as Nintendo has slated their next Nintendo Direct for tomorrow morning at 6:00 am PST. Don’t worry, I’ll be struggling with you. Eff off EST folk, you lucky bastards. (I promise I say that with love.)

The event will feature the usual suspects, and should cover the spring 2015 lineup for the 3DS and Wii U. Right after the Nintendo Direct Nintendo will be hosting a press event in San Francisco. My assumption? The New 3DS will finally get a North American release date and aforementioned press event will have buttloads of units (and Majora’s Mask 3D) on hand for playage.

If you’re a true-blue believer in rumors, Gamnesia states the date for The New 3DS has been set for February 13th.

I asked this same thing on Twitter yesterday, but I’ll ask again: if you’re currently a 3DS owner do you see yourself picking up a New 3DS? As tempting as it is, I probably won’t upgrade until an exclusive Zelda or Pokémon title is announced. I swear, those properties have me by the balls. gg, Nintendo.


  1. I like the updates coming with the system, I will get one but will probably wait for an exclusive color scheme

      • I love my A link between world 3ds XL and it’s the only reason I bought one. Now I’m in love with the system. I don’t know if I can hold out for a new Zelda LE before I upgrade.

  2. Don’t have a current 3DS, but wanted to get one last year. Then I saw the updated one coming out, and decided to wait. Downside is I’ll probably blow $500 the first week on all the Zelda, Pokemon, and Mario stuff I’ve been missing since… a very long time. *coughN64cough*

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