Nintendo Bigwigs Are Taking A Pay Cut


In recent light of Nintendo’s, erm, less-than-stellar sales predictions and numbers (we’re talking an operating loss of $15+ million, folks) President Saturo Iwata announced he’s taken a 50% paycheck reduction while other Nintendo board members have taken a 20%-30% cut. The reduction in pay is expected to last until at least June when Iwata will reassess the entire situation.

Thursday Nintendo is holding a management policy conference, and Iwata has said the theme will be “how to utilize smart devices”.

Hmmmm. I feel warm and fuzzy and sad all at the same time. I bet this is what it feels like when a woman’s hormones are all sorts of out of whack while she’s incubating another human in her uterus. …Am I pregnant?

But seriously, I have to commend these guys for taking a paycut. They’re right — Nintendo is losing money, and clearly job roles ain’t being fulfilled to the max so why should they be paid for those ugly numbers? I really, REALLY hope this is the wake-up call the company needs, because, damn, it seems as though everyone and their mother saw this coming except Nintendo.

Regarding the whole mobile thing… ::rubs beard::… do you have any ideas as to what it could be? Perhaps a Nintendo app? Mini-games related to certain IPs?

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  1. Now THAT is a company I’d want to be a part of. No consoling pat on the back in the form of a giant bonus when things are at their worst (like some American companies). It’s a great way to build back the moral of the people down the line, higher moral leads to better production, people more willing to fight to keep something alive. Leads to innovation. Gives Nintendo staying power even though the future might appear bleak, they’ll still be alive and kicking for decades to come.

    I raise my glass to those glorious bastards.

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