Night Terrors Must Get Funded

Okay, so this looks bloody awesome. (I just said “bloody awesome.” Neat.)

I highly recommend watching the video for the deets, but in a nutshell Night Terrors will use your phone and some fancy-pants technology to essentially turn YOUR house, apartment, whatever, into an freakin’ nightmare that will likely cause one to urinate themselves.

You have two missions: save the girl and survive the night.

“Our aim is to create the scariest game ever made. It’s a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, AUGMENTED REALITY survival horror game for mobile devices.  Gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on.” states the IndieGoGo page. “Think about a system that understands where you are in your environment, and is able to exploit that information in order to create an unbelievable augmented reality experience.”

As of now, Night Terrors will be compatible with iPhone 5s and newer, but the team is looking into Windows and Android phones as well. You best believe I’ve donated. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.

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