New Xbox One Controller Coming In June?

Ahh…it’s late May, the weather is warming up, the birds are chirping…this only means one thing: ‘Tis the season for E3 leaks!

The latest leak comes from Microsoft themselves, who (prematurely) posted a diagram on their website that depicts a new Xbox One controller. It’s since been taken down, but below is a screenshot of what once was. Check out #16.

new xbox one controller

Currently, the Xbox One controller features a propriety audio jack. This supposed new controller does away with that and will feature a 3.5mm jack. Below are images leaked by Libro, an Austrian retailer, of what the controller looks like. 

new xbox one controller 2

Friends, as much as I’d like to think I know it all, I don’t. I mean, I could tell you what every inch of Alistair’s body looks like (I’m almost there with Geralt as well) if that counts for anything. But seriously, I searched high and low as to see what the freakin’ significance of the new headjack port is and NO ONE explained it. You guys are smart mofos, so maybe you can tell me why this is a thing that’s good.

If this means that I can just plug a regular freakin’ gaming headset into the controller without messing with all of that setup bullshit, then that’s fucking swell and you BEST believe I’ll be buying one ASAP. Please don’t tell me I’m wrong.


  1. I think you’re right on the money. You won’t need an adapter to plug in a 3rd party headset. Before it was that proprietary input that the in-box headset fit into, but now it’ll just be the usual 3.5mm jack.

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