New Smash Bros. Characters Revealed SQUEEE!


Even though I never finished Fire Emblem: Awakening, that game had an extremely tight grip around my lady balls for quite some time. Last I checked I dumped about 50 or so hours into it. So, yeah. That’s a nice lil’ chunk of my life.

I’m stoked to see Lucina and male/female Robin! At first I was like, “Who the hell is Robin?” buuuuuut then it dawned on me that I named my character Max (because that’s what I do in video games) and because of that the name Robin wasn’t ringing a bell. But yeah. Every male character is either Max or the name of the protagonist in the last game I played. For example, my farmer in Harvest Moon is named Delsin. It’s a, uh, weird name for my farmer but it somehow works. All the ladies want his nuts. AHEM. Getting a bit back on track, here — too bad Chrom isn’t a playable character. I would have loved to have LARP’d around with him.

And far as the Captain Falcon announcement goes, well, it’s not surprising. BUT WHERE’S NESS?! And Jigglypuff?! I need my OGs, man.


  1. While the Fire Emblem characters seem very generic to me (never played the games), I can appreciate that one (and a half) of them is a female character.

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