New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow


WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOMORROW MORNING?! Personally I’ll rising at the buttcrack of dawn to peruse garage sales, but if you happen to find yourself up and at ’em around 7:00 am PST Nintendo is holding another one of their good ‘ol Nintendo Direct shindigs. According to the press release, the purpose of this ND is to provide updates on “Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games launching this summer.”

I’m telling all of you this because there is ALWAYS someone who, like, bitches at me for not reminding them about a ND (because that’s totally my job) and gets butthurt that I’m posting all of the news on Facebook/Twitter without them knowing ND is a thing that is happening. SO THIS IS ME COVERING MY ASS.

Expect to see the adorable Satoru Iwata (and if we’re lucky, Reggie Feels-On-Me!) discussing games such as Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, and *squee* maybe some unannounced titles! Oh, I’d love to see some more information about Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei and whatever Monolith Soft is working on. However, when it comes to the 3DS I’m admittedly waaaay behind with that whole…situation…so I’ve got nothing. I JUST WANT MY POKEMANZ.

If the game of your dreams isn’t given an update — or announced for that matter — tomorrow, don’t fret! It looks like we’ll be getting another Nintendo Direct shortly before E3.


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  1. I try not to have too high expectations, that way I won’t be too disappointed, if I don’t see what I like.

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