New Info Re: RE Revelations 2


(I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to have three sets of “Re” in the title because I’m easily amused and it’s all about the little things in life.)

Some new information about one of my (newest) most anticipated games, Resident Evil Revelations 2, has oozed its way out of the, uh, underground facility and is now festering on the interwebs. And after ingesting all of it’s informational glory I. Am. Fucking. Stoked.

For starters, Claire Redfield will be returning as the main playable character. (YES YES YES YES! I LOVE Claire. Her and Steve, man, they had a future together.) Alongside Claire (who is now regarded as a “seasoned veteran”, bee-tee-dubs) will be Miss Moira Burton, the spawn-child of that dork Barry Burton. While Claire will focusing on combat and, y’know, other seasoned veteran shit, it sounds like Moira will have more of a supporting role. She’ll have a flashlight (seriously) and will help with healing duties and other “general support” tasks. Only Clarie’s death will trigger a “Game Over”. 

With that said, Resident Evil Revelations 2 will feature co-op, but you can play by yourself if you choose. 


The story takes place between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. And, THANK GOD, it’s going to be “much more survival horror oriented.” Aforementioned story will take place on an abandoned island detention facility. (Claire must really like those.) Finally, a new type of creature that lives to rip your face off — “Afflicted” — will be introduced. These things may look like zombies, but apparently they’re much, much more. Eek. 

Revelations 2 will be out early next year for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. I. Cannot. Wait. Hard. Enough. Wait. That. Doesn’t. Even. Make. Sense.

Does that little green glowing bracelet look familiar?


  1. I’m most excited for the co-op. The lack of it in the first game was kinda baffling considering you spent 95% of the game with a partner. Now I can play with a dumb human partner instead of a dumb A.I. partner (no offense to my sister, who I’ve played almost every RE game with and will probably be playing this one with ;)).

  2. This sounds like a good return to the roots of the series! I’m stoked for the future, since 7 has rumors of returning to survival horror as well. I like the action packed newer games for what they are, but I’m craving a good survival horror Resident Evil game.

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