Ness Amiibo Is A GameStop Exclusive

Ness amiibo

::falls to knees::

Dear Nintendo Gods, please understand that I have yet to purchase an amiibo. Ever since they were announced I told myself there was only one amiibo I needed in my life, and that was Ness. EarthBound is my fucking—er, freakin’ jam (I forgot it’s not polite to swear in front of Gods) as I grew up with EarthBound, and it had a profound impact on my childhood. With that said, dear Nintendo Gods, why oh WHYYYY would you limit the Ness amiibo to GameStop?!

/crumbles into a pathetic heap on the ground


  1. I hate the amiibos that are retailer exclusives. They just need to go ahead and rerelease all of them again so people can have at least a shot at getting them at a fair price. With the scalpers coming in, I doubt many will be available. It would be like that whole incident with the Majora’s Mask 3DS.

    I have generally been lucky to beat the scalpers, but for some amiibo (Rosallina for example) I have yet to have any luck.

  2. I was able to pre-order a Ness, a PAC MAN and the Splatoon 3 pack. I have no idea why Gamestop changed how they were doing their pre-orders for this wave.

  3. This is the only one we wanted out of this Wave.. I stayed up late, I hit refresh, only to find out in store only crap.. I was stuck in the middle of Eastern Washington (visiting lovely family) and unable to even get to a Gamestop *sigh* Maybe I can snag one on opening day. Don’t support the scalpers!!!

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