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Even though I moved two months ago, I’m still unpacking boxes, rummaging through bins and coming across things I forgot I owned in the first place. While digging through my unpacked junk the other night, I came across some of my favorite books. Of course, “favorite” meaning that I forgot I owned them, but hey….

I effin’ love reading, almost as much as I effin’ love playing video games. Now, my taste is books isn’t as broad as my taste in video games, so I generally stick to zombie fiction (I have yet to see zombie non-fiction…) or anything based off of a video game. Therefore, my collection is…well, let me just say for being rather picky about the genres I read, I have a rather diverse collection. Here’s a peak at a small portion of it.

In the upper left corner is my gaggle of Resident Evil novels, which are based off of the individual games. Knowing how much I hate spoilers and how big of a Resident Evil junkie I am, why oh WHY would I want to spend what little free time I have reading a story I already know so well? Well kiddos let me tell you something: These novels are written so extremely well that I forget I KNOW what’s going to happen. The Resident Evil games are rather quiet, in the sense that there isn’t a heckuva lot of dialogue, and most of the game consists of your solo character wandering mansions, islands, cities, etc. These novels provide legitimate insight to the character’s thoughts and are loaded with details you can’t get anywhere else. It’s quite literally like experiencing the game all over again, minus the tank-like controls. A must read for any zombie or Resident Evil fan. 

Heh…so I might have a minor obsession with Steve Burnside Resident Evil. Code Veronica will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first Resident Evil title I was able to play sans the accompanying nightmares. Not much to say here, and honestly I haven’t read the comics in SO long I don’t remember how they hold up, but I really enjoyed Steve Burnside the art. 

My opinions on the Monster series are hard to talk about without spoiling the story, so I’ll keep it vague. If you enjoy the zombie genre, read the first installment, Monster Island. If you dig that (and I suspect you will) pick up Monster Nation. I’ll warn you, though, the plot gets a little strange the more and more you delve into the series. Just…give it a shot. It’s a very interesting take on the zombie genre. 

I’ve read this bad boy multiple times, and what I love most about it is that it’s basic; no weird plot twists or turns, just a police officer caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak. His name is Eddie, and he trying to get back to his family. You’ll follow him throughout the “Dead City” as he tries to do so. …see what I did thare…?

Underneath Dead City are the first two books Ocarina of Time Manga and I gotta say, they’re pretty fun. Link actually TALKS! And to those that protest against Link ever getting a voice, you’ll be happy to know that the dialogue is tasteful and doesn’t destroy the mute-Hylian we’ve all grown to love. I personally can never get enough OoT, and if you’re anything like me, you should pick these up. Plus the art is fun to look at <3. 

Below that is The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy: I Link Therefore I Am. Have I ever read this? No. Will I ever? Maybe in the distant future. But the concept sounds cool, and it has a freakin’ Triforce on the cover, so need I say more? This is definitely one of those “OHAI I forgot I owned you” books. 

If you’re a zombie lover, I don’t think this one needs an explanation. The novel is a staple in the zombie world. BUY IT. READ IT. LOVE IT. 

This is the second installment in The Morningstar Saga by Z.A. Recht. Unfortunately, Mr. Recht passed a while ago, but his legacy lives through these books. The first book in the saga called titled Plague of the Dead is my favorite zombie novel, hands down. It has a believable story, a diverse group of characters, and it will suck you in. While reading you’ll find yourself laughing, you’ll find yourself nervous, you’ll find yourself anxious, you’ll find your heart racing and palms sweating. It’s that effin’ good.  Trust me when I say you won’t be able to stop turning the pages.

Know of any books I should check out? LEMME KNOW!


  1. Good picks! I still want to read World War Z at some point. I’ve been reading the StarCraft books, and they aren’t too bad. Going to read the Mass Effect books after that.

    Take care!


  2. My god….. I think I’m in love. I thought I was the only frickin person on earth who had read Dead City. I have to say that its a tie between it and the Z.A Recht series for my favorite zombie story. I was sort of iffy on the David Wellington books after the first one, but I could read them if I was bored. A few other good books to read are the Day By Day Armageddon series, (to be honest I face palmed at the end of the second book.) and a book called Zombies: A record of the year of infection. A pretty cool book with some really cool illustrations.

    PS- You seem to be missing the penultimate zombie book: The Zombie Survival Guide.

    • HAHAHA. I agree with everything you just said. DBDA is also one of my faves—unfortunately, I already have that one on a shelf LOL! Okay, I might sound like I’m bragging here, but J.L. Bourne listens to the podcast I’m on, We’re Not Dead. I literally freaked out for a moment when he told me. And the Zombie Survival Guide is AWESOME. I have a poster signed by Mr. Brooks depicting the rule (I can’t remember what number it is) “Get up the staircase, then destroy it.” AWESOME.

  3. You should check out The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. My sister got it for my for Christmas and its actually really cool, the author goes like hardcore into anything and everything about how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Although I’m sure you could probably write your own version by now haha

  4. World War Z!!!!

    I’m a little surprised at the Resident Evil novels. I mean, usually video game tie-in novels are pretty terrrrrible. I might have to check these out now.

    • Please do! This might be obvious, but they go in order. So start with the first, or 0. We all know 0 is just kind of…out there! :)

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