Need a Wii U GameCube Adapater? Here’s A 3rd Party One


I had a helluva time obtaining a Wii U GameCube adapter. First I was told I could pick one up at GameStop without having a pre-order as “supply was pretty large.” Of course that went over like a fart in church (I don’t quite understand that saying nor do I know if I used it correctly but dammit it’s funny) and every store in town was ultimately sold out. Then, I was told to call a week later. THEN I was told GameStop wouldn’t be getting any more in stock. Just when I was about to plunk $75 down for one on Amazon, GameStop received a fresh shipment online and ::insert Beavis voice:: I scored.

Unfortunately many haven’t been able to, erm, score as of yet. But if you’re a gambling man/woman you can cough up $19.99 on for their version of the adapter, as there haven’t been any customer reviews posted (as of the time of this post). So, it may work, it may not. It may explode in your face upon deflowering.

Godspeed, friends.

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