NBD, Just A Mass Effect Ride Coming

coming 20161

Ooooh, y’know, another day, another piece of news…just a piece of news. Yep. That’s all. /says as she packs her bags in preparation to move to California

In case you missed it, Great America announced that a Mass Effect attraction is coming in 2016.

Like, this is the headlinecoming 2016

This ride will “feature settings and characters” from Mass Effect and will be opening NEXT SEASON (whatever that means). It involves “cutting edge technology” and “delivers 4D effects combined with a live performer and incredible special effects.” Prepare to traverse across “awe-inspiring landscapes” and face off against big alien creature things. Y’know, we gotta save the day and all that.

/slams suitcase shut

Well, I’m all ready to live my life in the Mass Effect ride. Like, that’s where I want to exist because this shit sounds incredible. PLEASE BE INCREDIBLE.

/buys one-way plane ticket

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