My Game Hunting Insticts Have Been Resurrected

Oh yes. ::flexes muscles:: I AM BACK, BABY! ::throws on a hunter-hat and slings a rifle over shoulder::

It doesn’t look like much, but I snagged these N64 bad boys for 2.99 each at Goodwill. And admittedly it had been a WHIIIILE since I ventured to Goodwill looking for unnecessary things for my woman cave — seeing as it’s ridiculously full at the moment — but it felt DAMN good to walk out with these lil’ solid grey bundles of joy. <3.

Now I need to hop back on the Gaming Haul video train and get my hallway cleared out.

Yes, my hallway.

You see, my way of the hall variety is currently cluttered with games and gaming paraphernalia. And yes, I’m totally aware that I should be ashamed and embarrassed to show this photo, but whatever, ya’ll just think I’m a hoarder anyway — I’M JUST GOING TO SOLIDIFY YOUR OPINION, DAMMIT!

So, yeah. Maybe now you understand why I haven’t been to many ‘a Goodwill lately. THE HALLWAY IS NOW BECOMING MY HALLWAYCAVE. Hallway-Woman-Cave? Hall-Cave? Woman-Hall-Cave? In any case, I have to clear out this Womanly-Cave-Way before this summer because that, my friends, is GARAGE SALE SEASON!!!

::manically ticks off the days until summer::


  1. I know the feeling, my room is flooding with stuff I dont have room for. Posters I dont have space for or statues from CE’s I can put anywhere. My roommates always laugh when I buy more stuff!! If Ca wasnt so damn expensive I would just get my own apartment haha!

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