My first garage sale haul of the year!!!!!


Total cost = 25 cents.

Is your mind blown all over your keyboard?

Bahaha…haaa…haaaaaaa =___=

Well, this bad boy is my first garage sale-bought game of 2012. If you examine it closely, it has a nice crack on the side. Make sure you take notice of the one across Spyro’s head and the one by the logo. It’s quite quaint.

I briefly scanned my game shelf and I saw at least one other copy Spyro: Year of the Dragon. But who knows…there could be at least twelve more!

Here’s to many more…ahem, “successful” garage sale hauls!!!


    • Oh, Justin. Do you not know a thing about me? For I am a collector, and therefore I thrive on the physicality of stuff. Or something. Does that even make sense?

    • Y’know, I forgot to check the actual disc. I know it’s in there but I dunno how the scratches are. I’m sure there are a few!

  1. :) Spyro is amazing :) like seriously amazing. Sadly, my copy of the first Spyro game freezes at a crucial point so I can’t finish it on that disc :(

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