1. I waited till you put your entire top 10 before I watched any of the videos and I liked the randomness of it. nice list!

  2. In your gang obsession, did you ever watch the movie “Blood In, Blood Out?” It’s a wonderful piece of cinema about a Chicano family living in East LA that gets involved in gang life and grows in different directions. The best!

  3. I’ve never had a ps1, but this post reminded me to ask if you have ever played Abe’s World: Munch’s Odyssey? If no, then I believe both you AND your father would love it – it’s for original Xbox, and after 10 years, I started playing it again

  4. I totally wrote a fair share of fanfiction myself – no shame! So…are you planning on doing this for every system? Because that would be AWESOME (and a crazy and time consuming endeavor) but still great! Or even just for the PS2 for starters? ‘Cause I thoroughly enjoyed these! >;D

  5. I loved that one! But FFVII was so much better in my opinion, it was the breakthrough for 3D graphics in the FF series.

  6. That is in my top five, which are all Square games…

    1. Vagrant Story
    2. Front Mission Alternative
    3. FF9
    4. Soukaigi
    5. Xenogears


    Would say Capcom games but Dreamcast had that covered.

  7. While FFVII, VIII and IX were all exhilarating, and provided multiple play throughs, I think my favorite PS1 game was *braces for attacks* Breath of Fire III. I’m not saying BoF III was a better game than even Vagrant Story or Xenosaga (let alone the Final Fantasy games). But what I am saying is that BoF III was my favorite. Such a great game.

  8. I gotta say FFIX is my favorite, I grew up with it..it’s such A good game and it has A good story and characters

  9. Just watch you on an video with Metaljesusrock. I thought your where really pretty and then you said FF9 best game ever and really pretty all of a sudden turned into fucking beautiful :-). FF9 is also my favourite game of all time and will always have special place in my life. The story was so amazing and had such an heart warming ending compare to any other game ….just glad to I am not the only fan. Regards Adriaan visiting your website all the from south africa

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