My current, paying job: A rant.

Hey all! I’m in the mood to rant, so I shouldn’t waste this golden opportunity, amirite?!

Okay. Here’s a typical weekday in my life, Monday-Friday:

6:20 am – Wake up.
7:00 am – Work begins.
3:30 pm – Work ends.
3:35 pm – Home (yay for a short commute!)
4:00 pm – Hop on my computer and work on side projects for the rest of the day.
12:00 am – Go to bed.

By using basic math, you can reason that I spend eight hours a day, 40 hours a week working and making money at a “real” job. I also spend 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week working but not making money doing “side jobs”.

Let me be clear that I love what I do, no matter how much of my life it consumes. Let me be even clearer and specify that I love what I don’t get paid to do. I don’t get paid to host two podcasts, I don’t get paid to spend eight hours a week prepping and editing them, I don’t get paid to do stuff for, I don’t get paid to do stuff for, I don’t get paid for running Facebook pages, I don’t get paid for assuming a Community Manager-esque role for an online community, I don’t get paid to travel across the country and attend conventions, and I don’t get paid for spending a few hours every day reading, taking notes, writing about and discussing videogame industry news.

I get paid for sitting in a cubicle 40 hours a week and immersing myself in subject material I don’t give two shits about. I get paid to put up with grown-ass adult’s drama that I’ve learned to tune out (okay, that last part isn’t officially on my job requirements, but it’s a daily thing!).

What my cubicle looked like before I transferred everything to my woman cave!

So, yes. I love what I don’t get paid to do.

More and more, I’m finding that a part-time job would be far more beneficial for my “after hours”  schedule. It’s getting to the point where my unpaid activities are taking priority over my “real-life” job.

Anyone else see this situation as head-on collision waiting to happen?

Thing is, I need my job. It pays me considerably well and offers great benefits. Oh, and it’s close to my apartment and has a consistent schedule. Those are the only things I like about it. It absolutely kills me that I spend 40 hours of my life, each week, in a building where you are expected to act like someone you aren’t, where wearing jeans is considered inappropriate, where people keep an eye on you because they want to chastise you for something (just for the hell of it), where people thrive on drama and where being a happy person is, in a sense, frowned upon because others are so unhappy with their own life.

“Get another job!”, you say! Trust me, if I could find that ideal money-maker I would! As I’ve said before, the only things keeping me sane are my side projects, and those are run on a tight schedule as is. Perhaps I could find a part-time job somewhere, but if the schedule isn’t consistent it could really conflict with podcast recording and editing. Once I get a few bills paid off, it might be a more of a realistic option I can look into.

In a sense, you could say that I’m using my job for the hours, benefits, location and pay, which is what a lot of people do. They settle. And that is friggen’ sad. If you’re not happy at your current job for whatever reason, do what you must to work towards something that makes you happy. Don’t go “through the motions” for the rest of your life. I can say with confidence that absorbing the side projects that I have has given me hope that someday, something will come out of them and I’ll be able to quit this stupid job. And do the biggest, most obnoxious happy dance you’ve ever seen.

And if these side projects don’t turn into a paying gig? I’ll still continue to spend 40 hours a week on them, because it’s something I love doing. It’s as simple as that.



  1. I might have just missed this but what do you do at your job for 40 hours a week in that cubicle?

    But I totally feel the same way about this rant. Instead of work though its been more school for me. First I went through 11 straight weeks training to be a firefighter which ultimately didn’t work out, now I’ve been going for accounting. But then I realized like why the hell am I going for this (besides the butt loads of money I’d make) when I already know I’d hate sitting in a suit and tie everyday crunching boring numbers all day?

    So wisely I said fuck it! to the accounting and I’m now starting to work my way towards hopefully getting into one of the better game design programs in the country. Might as well do the shit I actually know I want to do, amirite? But I totally agree too, if I could somehow get paid to talk about the industry right now I’d have no problems with that.

  2. …and this is why I’m now self-employed.

    Good News: I work at home producing music and web videos, which I thoroughly enjoy!
    Bad News: I technically never leave my workplace =/

    But after all these years, I’m doing something that I like, and am my own boss. It wasn’t easy to get here, but it was definitely worth it.

    • I’m jelly. And hey, that “bad news” really isn’t that bad! :) Good for you, dude. You’re proof that working your ass off is worth it in the long run!

  3. I think you should spend more time finding ways to monetize what you love doing. I mean, how many hits does Zaxy get? Or this site? Grab an AdSense account ( and see where it goes! You won’t make a lot at first but maybe with some actual moneys coming in you guys might be inspired to try and nab more readers. Who knows? And hey, if you’re a community manager on a site and your role is really important to it, don’t be afraid to suggest compensation (if they make money off the site). You might never make a full-time living off any of this but you can almost definitely get to the point someday where you can bump down to a part-time job.

  4. I’m currently at a job that isn’t terrible, but it’s definietly not what I wanna do forever. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this job to get me started along a far more enjoyable and rewarding career path.

    Good luck to you in all your endeavors. Given your dedication, I’m sure you’ll find a great opportunity out there. DON’T GIVE UP. :)

  5. I know exactly mean, it’s part of why I’m unemployed actually. I can’t bring myself to accept a life at job that I can’t stand. My last couple of jobs have been through a temp agency. The first one I actually liked alot. Most would find it boring, but I enjoyed the work, it was a friendly environment and I felt appreciated. I hated my last job with a passion, and I made no secret about it, I couldn’t wait for my contract to run out. The only reason they put up with it was because I actually do work my ass off and got stuff done…if you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it well, even if you hate it. They would have hired me on full time if asked them to, but I knew my manager didn’t want me laughing in her face if she asked me. That job was basically everything you described and more, and I knew it was something I wouldn’t do any longer than I had to. I’ve always been that way, we’ve been talking about work stories in tinychat this week and I’ve been telling them about stories of going out of places in a blaze of glory. It makes sound irresponsible, I know…but there gets to be points where I can only take so much and I say to hell with this, I’m gone. I don’t think I’ve ever had a greater experience than walking into a place that I work and telling my manager that I quit. I know that eventually I’ll find something that I at least like and will be appreciated.

    • “I don’t think I’ve ever had a greater experience than walking into a place that I work and telling my manager that I quit.” <—THIS! Oh man, I've fantasized about being able to tell my boss that I quit. :) Good luck.

  6. I feel the same way. I used to consider myself a developer, but nowadays I’m more like a bug fixer. My personal projects usually sit in the sidelines because I’m usually too exhausted and too pissed off to work on anything after work.

    • Ah. Yeah, that happens. That’s why you make personal projects a priority, silly ;) (Although that’s not always the best thing to do LOL)

  7. Ok so…gonna sound like a troll here but we need some perspective. You have a job. That pays you well enough to travel and participate in a rather expensive hobby… and you’re complaining? SO many people NEED a job right now. Let’s maybe get outside of our pity party and look at the bigger picture OR quit and give that job to someone that will appreciate it. Sorry this blogpost just sounds really whiny and juvenile.

  8. I think you’re missing the point. I never said I wasn’t grateful for my job. This post wasn’t intended to be about the shitty economy and about how many people need a job right now. The entire point: I have a job I have no interest in, and I refuse to settle for something I don’t love doing. Just because jobs are hard to come across, I’m not going to settle and lose that drive to do what I love.

  9. You said everything I’ve been thinking for so long. I feel exactly how you feel. The good news is you’re smart and talented enough to turn what you love into a full-time gig. I’m sure it will work out eventually!

  10. Brit, IMHO, you have my “dream job.” I’ve had the fantasy, for quite some time, of having a steady job that pays well enough and allows some time for personal goals. I haven’t had that chance yet, as I get either a steady, low-paying one or vice-versa.

    I just started a new job this week as a truck driver (2nd driving job), and it was probably the worst idea I’ve ever had, but there was no choice (monetary-wise). Today was my third day of training and third 13 hour work day. I started doing this line of work as a way of “settling for it.” I thought it would be simple enough that I could focus on what I like with my free time. no wai! Now I do not even have time to look into getting out of this debacle.

    In short, with absolutely no criticism and 100% praise, you have an amazing set-up right now. And I am completely envious!

    p.s.: truck driving is the lamest kind of work a nerd could do! fact!

  11. I know exactly what you mean! I hope for your sake you aren’t in a call center. Nothing more soul-sucking and creativity depleting than customer care.

    PS–You have a new follower now :)

  12. It’s nice to see a post like this Britt. I feel the EXACT same way. Like, to the T. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I hate wearing a mask too, and the drama in the workplace and tedious small talk kills me. Let’s work hard to make our fun dream a real job. Srsly.

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