My current bedroom gaming setup

Ahem. Please brace yourselves, for what I am about to show you is SO 1990’s…or early 2000s…or whatever…


I have my prior living room television – a 46” LCD – currently chillin’ in a corner while my 55” LED 3D Hottness has taken over its former place. My plan is to permanently post up the 46” bad boy in my bedroom — but first I need to A) Sell this current clusterfuck or just get rid of it and B) Buy a new TV stand.

Once I do, I’m going to turn my bedroom into a retro game room of sorts. You might have noticed all of the controllers on the left — that’s because the TV stand used to house my PS2, Dreamcast, Genesis, SNES, NES, N64 and Gamecube. But since I’m trying to sell it, I had to vacate those consoles for the time being. :/

I can’t wait! This is gonna be awesome >)


  1. Why not just place the 46” ontop of that and place your game consolo’s on the left and just have an ultimate retro/modern setup =O

  2. It already looks retro. You’re way ahead of the game. Speaking of game… time to play Champions of Norrath.

  3. I had a cabinet just like that once! It was way too big, though, so I chopped it up, tossed it, and bought a smaller one. It’s now on the other end of my living area. Retro and current in the same room!!!

  4. Mine was junky particle board so once the items were taken out, it wasn’t too heavy, just bulky. Still, I destroyed that sumamabish with gusto! :)

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