My Costume: Halloween 2013


If you recall, last year’s Halloween costume was sponsored by Yandy and I was a, erm, Green Adventurer. It was pretty awesome, minus all of the neener-heads who saw me and screamed, “HEY! IT’S ZELDA!” NO NO NO NO NO. Zelda is the princess, dammit! THE PRINCESS.

Ahem. This year Yandy has again graciously donated one of their exclusive 2013 Halloween costumes to yours truly, and while I haven’t received it yet, I can at least show you a photo! PREPARE YOURSELF. Are you prepared? Please tell me you’re prepared. Okay. I’ll stop being annoying.

Sci Fi Furry

That’s right, ladies and gentleman — this year I’m going to be a…a Sci-Fi Furry. BAHAHAHAHA! Isn’t this the best thing ever?!

Of course, this is a fun play on Chewbacca, which is a rather fitting costume because one of my nicknames is Chewie.  BETCHA DIDN’T KNOW THAT!

::grabs a rocking chair:: Gather around, kiddos, let me tell you story. You see it all started back at a bar, many moons ago — some kid approached me, we talked about Zelda, he couldn’t remember my last name, so he was all “Brom…bacher…we talked about Zelda, so…Brom-something…Bombchu…CHEWIE!” And thus a nickname was born.



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