May 2011: After years and years of collecting games and all related paraphernalia, I finally have most everything on display!  There were a few things I couldn’t find room for, like posters, random game inserts (I have a shoebox full…) and other knickknacks. But the important stuff is out there. Now all that’s left is to take inventory, which I plan to do through videos.

December 2010: You know how some’s pride and joy come from their stamp or coin collection? My pride and joy comes from my video game collection. SQUEEEEEEE. But with a collection like this, one really can’t make an exquisite display on walls or in binders.

You need a whole freakin’ room. And right now, I don’t have a spare room just chillin’ across the hall from me. But someday I will have my woman-cave, where the walls will be lined with cabinets filled with video games, smothered in posters, wall scrolls and my Hylian Shield replica(s). Of course there will be a projection screen, killer surround sound system and possibly a disco ball.

But for now, all I can do is weep as I stare at my collection in its current state:

It's sad, really.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If I were to look away from my computer and to my left, I would see two unopened packages; one would be a 4’x4’x4′ Red Dead Redemption promotional cube folded and still in the packaging, and the other would be a 5′ long Dragon Age poster. To my right would be a box full of old Nintendo Power magazines. Behind that is a box stuffed with gaming swag I’ve collected from conventions.

I think you get my point. But I haven’t told you the saddest part yet.

I don’t know what games I own. I have no idea. You could ask me right now if I have a copy of Legend of Mana and I couldn’t tell you. Chances are I do own it, but I honestly can’t keep track of what games are in my collection. This is because:

  1. I have a serious (yet amazing) problem obsession with video games.
  2. I frequent garage sales/flea markets/estate sales during the summer and find most of my loot at such places.

SO. My goal is to dig through every one of those boxes and crates so I can finally compile a legitimate list of games in my collection. While it will be fun—it will be no easy feat. It will be dangerous to go alone. I may need to take this:

Let the unearthing begin.


  1. I am fortunate enough to have a wife who puts up with my video game addiction. She let me pay $800 to have someone come in and build a custom closet system to store all of my loot. As long as it will fit in “sean’s room”, she lets me go crazy. The rest of the house is hers though.
    P.S. Cool site!

  2. Storage is great. I have 52 boxes of gaming ‘stuff’, dating from the C64 through the Amiga, stopping off at the PC Engine (Mmmm PC Engine..) and Jaguar CD. I once lost 3 years of my life and when I woke up I’d bought 13 full size arcade machines. I need help. I have a man-cave, (its full) but my g/f has very understandingly let me take over the Dining Room. Also some of the lounge. An Atari Gauntlet sits in the hallway. Understanding partners are a rarity. If you find one, hold on tight with both hands…..and stroke them on a regular basis.

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