My Alistair Fantasies Have Come True

There was SO much to see at Emerald City Comicon. There was also a lot to, uh, purchase. And I mean A LOT. But I was a good kid—I somehow managed to walk out of there with enough leftover money to pay rent. Who won’t be homeless this month?! THIS CHICK!!! ::fist pound:: 

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to do an entire recap at the moment, but until then I have something utterly amazing to show you. 

Every year I’ve gone to ECCC I’ve stopped by The Backroom comic podcast’s booth. Not only to see the awesome dudes who run the thing, but also because they offer a “free terrible sketch”. Last year I wanted a sketch of Link and I being married on unicorns. And I got just that—a mother’effin sketch of Link and I being married on unicorns. 

Seeing as that sketch now lies in my Zelda shrine, I figure it’s time to get a photo for my other shrine: MY DRAGON AGE SHRINE. /fangirl 

I asked them if they knew who Alistair was. To my approval about half of them did, but the kind gentlemen who would be fulfilling my perversions via sketch hadn’t a clue, so I whipped out my phone and pulled up a photo of the firecrotch wonder and placed it in front of him. And while I can’t remember my exact words, I believe I asked for something along the lines of “a photo of Alistair and I in a passionate act of romance.”

My fantasies coming true before my very eyes....

Awwwwwww yeeaaaaaah!!!!

I am going to enjoy this sketch while it lasts. Knowing me and my unhealthy relationship with Alistair, there’s a good chance it will end up kind of…ahem…dirty in a few weeks.

Just out of curiosity…how hard is it to hang photos on your ceiling? Above one’s bed? I mean, I’m just wondering….


  1. Put it in a frame and hang the frame above your bed..or on your cleaning..or wherever you want you can can see it all the time..very easy…I have posters and wall scrolls all over my room

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