My 360 is DYING: Part 2

Take care of my baby...

I need all of your thoughts to be with me my Xbox 360. It is currently in the hands of Best Buy, or Geek Squad, or whatever. I’ve only been without it for a day or two and it already seems like years. Does this make me a stage-five clinger?

But rewinding a bit: I * HAVE* to give everyone who suggested copying my save data over to a USB a hugehugeHUGE internet hug. I thought I would try booting up the 360 one last time before I brought it into Best Buy — because, you see, in Britt’s life things tend NOT to work until she brings it into a professional fixer-upper, at which point in time everything decides to, like, fix itself, making yours truly look like a dumbass in front of everyone. LIFE, Y U NO LIKE TO MAKE ME LOOK SMRT?!

Anyway, I couldn’t even get the 360 to boot up past the initial “OHAI!” screen.  I tried at least 12 different times AND methods (disk in, disk out, starting via controller, via shiny button in front of console, etc. I was desperate.) Therefore I came to the scientific conclusion that my 360 was, indeed, fucked. I packed all of my cords, controllers and shoved everything back into the original box (YES OF COURSE I KEEP THE BOX. It’s an upside to being a collector!) and hauled the slim, black corpse off to Best Buy.

Long story short, the dude told me the only thing I really needed to bring in was the console itself (woops). After signing a billion papers and explaining what my SNAFU was, he told me they’d send it off ASAP, and if it was deemed that my console was fugg’d they’d send me a refurbished one, “or something”. (He didn’t know what they would do.) He then thanked me for coming in, grabbed the console and began to walk away.

Suddenly I remembered my hard drive was still in there! ACK! I yelled at homeboy.

Me: HEY! Do you need the hard drive? Or can you, like, put a special note on there that says ‘Do not ruin!’ so the people don’t throw it away or something?

Homeboy: Um, actually, I should have given you that earlier. ::pops it out and hands it to me::

Me: ::does Link item-get stance::

Oh, man. That could have been SO bad.

That was a few days ago. So, now I wait. But I’m not too worried — if the hard drive is indeed fucked up at least I have my saves.


    • Beez, I’m so happy you’re always there for me. Thank you. Your friendship is invaluable. 

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