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Oh, yes, this shit is happening to me. Have I mentioned that I’m, ooooh, I don’t know…TWO hours away from completing Mass Effect 3? I haven’t mentioned that yet? Oh. Because I am. (If you follow my Mass Effect 3 game log, you’re probably thinking “WTF mate? You’re far from two hours away!” I’ve progressed a LOT further since I posted my last entry.)

Kiddos, I’m in the middle of a gigantic SNAFU which will not allow me to progress in Mass Effect 3 for my 360 decided to stop reading discs at the utmost unfortunate time.

The first time it happened
This was Skyrim
So I did...

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything lil’ trick on the internet to get this bad boy working¬†and it still won’t work. Thank God I have a Best Buy warranty — although I’m wondering if the manufacture’s warranty is still valid. I’ve only had this 360 for a few months, and from what I’ve heard the manufacture’s warranty allows for an insta-replacement, whereas the Best Buy warranty requires that my 360 is tested on the spot, and if it doesn’t work for them they’ll send it to be fixed somewhere.


In any case, since the 360 was only booting up half of the time I went to the store and purchased a flash drive to save my game files on.

I was able to save most of my save data onto the USB, but for some reason a few saves weren’t able to make it on there…not sure why…egads. Now I need to take my 360 to Best Buy tonight and have it fixed. I meant to do it this weekend, but I was too busy being lazy.

In the meantime, this is what I’m playing:



  1. I had my fat PS3 die a few years ago with Dragon Age: Origins IN the system. Wouldn’t even boot. I had to destroy that bad boy just to get the disk. Never mind the fact all my game saves were screwed. Save often and back up, people.

    • But…but…Dragon Age: Origins was okay, right? I mean, the disc still worked right? Oh, the horror…!!!

      But for reals. That seriously blows. :/

      • Yes, the disc survived and I subsequently completed the game. Never mind the other game saves that were ruined, Fallout 3 being the main one. Ouch!

  2. Did you “Copy” or “Move” your files? I know some saves only work if you choose “move.”

    I’m pretty sure, though, that if you’d sent it away using Microsoft’s warranty, they’d instruct you to keep the hard drive so you wouldn’t lose a thing. That’s how they handled the old model repairs, anyway.

    The same thing happened to a friend of mine with her new slim, literally a day after she got it. I don’t think she’s had any problems with the replacement, though. Mine has run smoothly.

    That sucks to hear, though. Hope you can get it resolved quickly! :)

    • Oooh. That makes sense. I tried copying everything over, not actually moving it. And, yeah, I wish I had read your comment earlier. I almost sent off my 360 without taking the hard drive. It wasn’t until after I mentioned it that the clerk was like “Oooh yeah. You should probably take that!”

  3. You have You Don’t Know Jack? We must play sometime…when you get everything sorted out with your 360.

    • I sorta-kinda forgot I had it. So, yes. When I…I…get my baby back, w-w-w-we…can play…


  4. FYI… Microsoft will tell you to remove your HD from the xbox before you send it to them anyways, so you don’t need to worry about your saved game data. :)

    • Thanks for letting me know! I *almost* sent it off without removing it. That would have been bad news bears. Gah. The thought alone makes me want to crawl into a dark corner and cry.

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