Mutant Football League IS ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!

I had almost forgotten about Mutant Football League until I watched a refresher video. Then it all came back to me like, uh, like I was the QB and was just sacked by a mutant. Or something. IT HIT HARD, MAN.

Mutant Football League launched a Kickstarter in 2013 that was ultimately unsuccessful, raising only $141,821 of their $750,000 goal. Soon after creator Michael Mendheim posted the following to Twitter: “We will be back my friends. Not sure how, when…but we’re coming.”

Now that we have some pre-alpha footage you can officially color me the bright shade or hue or whatever of “EXCITE!” It sounds like this bad boy will grace us with its presence around the end of 2015, and — SQUEE — is being made for the PS4, PC, Xbox One and mobile devices.

While I typically don’t enjoy games of the sports variety I have a thing for whacky-ass football titles. It’s kinda weird — I love watching “normal” football on TV, but I dislike playing “normal” football games. Nah’mean? So, games like NFL Blitz and Mutant Football League were my jam-izzle growing up.

Can’t. Wait.

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  1. I’ve been advocating this for years and granted it’s a pre-alpha build, but it seems pretty tame for what the old game used to be. It’s possible they don’t have any working animations for some of the bloodier stuff, but things like bribing the ref, penalties for crying, etc would have been nice to see.

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