Must I purchase Pokemon X/Y?

Courtesy of reddit, of course.
Courtesy of reddit, of course.

Okay guys, give it to me straight (as opposed to curvy or twisted): how the hell is Pokemon X/Y?!

I’ve held off on purchasing a 3DS thus far, but I’m wondering if these Pokemon QRSTUVWXYZ games (that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lack of sleep coming through) is the killer app I’ve been waiting for. My biggest and probably¬†only concern is that I’m unfamiliar with most of the Pokemanz and I’m afraid I’ll look like a blonde deer in headlights when I read: “A WILD BUTTSEX MCCALISTAIR HAS APPEARED!” Like, WTF is a Buttsex McCalistair? Is it a psychic type? Grass? It couldn’t possibly be a fighting type. After all, if I know anything about aButtsex McCalistairs its that they’re lovers not a fighters.

Right. So please, in terms a sleep-deprived individual can understand (CURSE YOU EASTERN STANDARD TIMES AND SUCH) is Pokemon X/Y a must-buy?


  1. Well to be honest I think most people might be lost when it comes to the new pokemon because the games always come out ahead of the show so you haven’t seen the pokemon yet. I am also in the same situation as you though because I don’t have a 3ds yet but am thinking about getting one just for X/Y. It looks cool and you get two sets of starters I guess which also include the originals.

  2. I got the game on Saturday and I absolutely love it! I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Gold/Silver years ago because I was partial to the original set of Pokemon and didn’t care to much for the newer ones whose numbers just kept growing and growing. I still sort of have that pet peeve as I’m not even sure how to pronounce some of the names of the new Pokemon (much less keep all of their types straight, especially since there are more than the original types that I am used to like water, fire, grass, and rock) but there are enough appearances by the old ones that I’m not too bothered by it. The pacing feels a bit slower in between gyms than the older games as I played most of the weekend and I just got my 2nd badge before I went to bed last night (I did level my main 6 pokemon to around level 30 though). The 2D to 3D change is nice and it feels like it adds to the game (not the same as the 3DS’ 3D effect). The 3D effect on the 3DS is a tad lacking in that it only seems to work in battles and cutscreen animations, not in the normal gameplay of walking around and stuff. Given the 3DS’ less than stellar battery life, especially with the 3D on, that isn’t such a bad thing. One word of warning, stay away from the digitally downloaded version. I first tried to do that and after many errors, Nintendo finally charged my card for the $40 only to tell me that I didn’t have enough free space on my 2GB SD card for the game so now I am out $40 (I tried repeatedly calling Nintendo support to get my money back but all I got was a recording saying I caught them at a busy time and nobody could help me). I ended up having to go to GameStop and pick up a boxed copy.

  3. I gave in and bought a 3DS just to play Pokemon so I say you do the same! It’s so much fun you’ll be addicted don’t worry though it all comes back really quick!

  4. I preordered Y, and can’t say anything bad about it. The games depth and scope of vision is massive compared to any of it’s previous installments. (Minus the whole team etc thing.) I’ve gotten about halfway through the game and must say, despite being a critic at these games, it’s awesome, and well worth the buy.

  5. I bought my 3DS mainly for the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time remake and the new Pokemons. I have yet to pick up my copy of Y but I know it’s gonna be amazing. As for being new, I played Yellow and Gold and then kinda drifted away for a while until Black – then I got pulled in again and bought all of the gens I was missing. Any of the games are playable as is and will more than likely walk you through the processes. As for types and what not, play and learn. I know quite a bit about Pokemon but I’m not the uber nerd who knows every types weakness/strengths. I battle and when a Pokemon doesn’t seem to be effective, I try something else. Good luck~

  6. Then Pokemon was never bad only getting better as the years went by, so even if you feels like it would catch you in head lights, it is still worth it!

  7. I Haven’t played a Pokemon game since Crystal Version, and I have to say this game is much easier than the old GB versions. (Idk if it’s just the DS versions or not since this was the only I felt deem able to play since then). I do have to say that it’s much more beautiful than any Pokemon I’ve ever played, which I would expect being that its a 3DS game. I feel that the 3D isn’t quite used enough but it’s definitely worth paying for. I haven’t had so much fun playing a Pokemon game in a long time. It can only go up from here now as well, seeing that Mega Evolution seem to be a big part of this version. All in all, GET IT!

  8. There is definitely some moments you will look back with childhood fondness and go “aww, I remember that little guy”. But there is also some moments you were stare – blink at the screen and go .. “They seriously made that into a Pokemon?” and then flail blindly as you throw moves at it and hope to discover it’s type. But honestly, that has been part of the fun for me. The plot is fairly familiar, but with added perks for the in-game system (now having 4 items quick-keyed to the Y button, EXP-Share not being a held item, but a key item that works for all members of your party – not to mention getting it fairly early, Getting your ‘bike’ rather early) – it takes a lot of the frustrations out of the game so you can just run around and enjoy running into the various new types that are hiding in the grass. I will say – Don’t be afraid to just wander the tall grass, and see what jumps out. That has been some of the most rewarding times for me thus far.

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