More Amazing Dark Link Cosplay

About a week or so ago I, Brittney Brombacher, publicly declared on my blog that I would jump the bones of this man should I ever see him meandering about:

WELL, I sorta-kinda maybe-kinda stalked this individual and found InkyLink’s deviantART page and, in turn, found more photos.  And because I like to keep my readers privy on my latest internet perversions, I’d like to share these photos with you. NOW LOOK AT THEM.

Um, wow. Maybe we should all take a minute (or two) and just stare at that last picture because, like, yeah.


I came.

But for seriously, amazing cosplay is amazing. Make sure you check out InkyLink’s page for more cosplay photos.


  1. Good cosplay has always caused a stirring south of the border for me…and before you say anything , its not a gay thing. I just love seeing men and women dressed in fancy clothing and makeup >.> This comment has now become terribly awkward. I will say this…I love cosplay. I even cosplayed as Arthas at the first Blizzcon…it was terrible do not ask for pictures. Some day when I am making money I will use my sculpting powers for good and make cool ass costumes and go to conventions. but for now I use my sculpting powers for evil and make busts for school.

    • LOL. It’s okay, it gets a stirring in my nether regions as well. But dude, yeah, you are talented with yo’ sculpting stuff so I’d love to see what you could come up with!

  2. The insane thing about the Dark Link getup is how it seems to literally ABSORB light. Like, there’s barely any reflection or glare or anything coming off of him in anyway, just pure, unfiltered darkness.
    I’m a little frightened by this.
    HE’S A DEMON!!!!

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