Monster Truck Games A Aphrodisiac?


This post wasn’t written by me, but a friend! :D!


There’s nothing hotter than a guy who knows how to handle a big one–monster truck, that is! The geniuses over at GamesFreak have compiled a ton of the best trucking games on the internet. Whether you’re a hot guy with a truck, or you simply wish you had one, these Truck and Monster Truck game collections can fulfill all of your plowing needs. Yea, that’s right — we girls like guys that drive big rigs!

Forget about guiding tiny racecars around boring tracks. My favorite Truck Games are all about operating big vehicles for cash. You can complete missions for a virtual boss, like driving across the USA to deliver precious goods. Or, cruise around curvy mountain roads with a beautiful, 3D view of the countryside. Do you think you can transport a bunch of automobiles on your carrier trailer? It’s time to act like a real man, and work the double clutch on an 18-wheeler!

Other types of Truck Games test your skills in emergency situations. A REAL EMERGENCY?! Yes…but in video-game form. You can act like manly hero (i.e. a firefighter, duh), and save poor townspeople from raging infernos. Or, put on your blue-collar uniform, and drive loading trucks and cranes. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! Better yet, work in the mines, and bring home diamonds and gold for a deserving girl like me ;-).

If you prefer to rumble over challenging terrain, then Monster Truck Games are right up your alley. You can put on an amazing show, and crush cars in front of a cheering audience. Do you have what it takes to drive a real BIG-wheeler? Let’s face it, smashing (other vehicles) can be tons…and tons…and tons of fun. And yes, I’m full of puns and metaphors today.

If you’re a real man, then you know how to drive. Different types of Monster Truck Games are designed to challenge various aspects of your driving abilities. Unlike standard racecar games, the GamesFreak monster truck collection features totally unique adventures. What does that mean? Well, you get to BREAK STUFF! In addition to crushing cars, barrels, and crates, you can cause major explosions. I’m talking about hitting giant bombs and blowing up entire levels! Yup, you can do it all with your own monster truck.

The monster truck and truck games at GamesFreak are full of adrenaline-pumping, engine-revving action. At this point, I don’t care if you drive a real truck or not. All I know is that you can have a total freakin’ blast while playing the aforementioned games. These days, big trucks are where it’s at. So what are you waiting for? Hit the dirt in your new ride!

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