Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer. Yaaay…?


Yes, I suppose it’s a big freakin’ deal that the Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer is out.  But honestly guys, I can’t say that I was super excited to watch the trailer, and I definitely can’t say that I was squatting anxiously in front of the TV around 6 PST during the NBA Western Championship Finals…or whatever it was that the trailer premiered during.  But as a gamer I felt obligated to watch the trailer. Do you know what I mean? I like to know anything and everything going on in the videogame industry, and simply put a franchise like Modern Warfare can’t be ignored.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Modern Warfare. I enjoy the campaigns (I don’t play online in fear of losing my pride and sanity) and y’know what? I’ll probably buy MW3 the same week it’s released. I just wish I could have gotten the gamer-boner most of you got when you watched it. 

Just like I know you all wish you could experience the same gamer-boner I get while watching Dragon Age trailers. <3.


  1. BF gives me gratifying gamer orgies on a consistent basis, and MW3 looks to be more of the same. I may buy it cheap to play co-op with a friend but otherwise, fuck it.

  2. I actually think the story in MW gets a bad wrap, so I am legitimately excited for it. But, I’m not over the moon for it or anything. I just like to play a COD game every two years or so. Certainly not every year though.

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