Mexico: 1 Britt: 0

If there’s one thing I learned about Puerto Vallarta, it’s that our friends south of the border LOOOOVE discos. It’s freakin’ adorable. Every club I visited on el malecón (ie; the boardwalk…see, I know Spanish!) had the exact same dance floor setup; a good sized floor made up of nothing but neon-lit panels. It was like you were dancing on rainbows. <3.

Anyway, it was a nice evening (and by nice I mean it consisted of free tequila and half of a fifth of rum) and I found myself at this adorable little mock-VIP section of this club called…something. (Hell, I can’t remember! I was drunk!) Now, this club was unofficially dubbed Dodongo’s Cavern by yours truly due to the simple fact that it emitted a red hue when looking at it from the outside.

I's pretty much the same thing, right?

While chilling on our spiffy white sofa seats, something plagued the dance club. It was a song—a song, for many, that is associated with good times and hearty laughs. It was a song the internet is far too familiar with…IT WAS THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!!!!!!


Did I just sorta-kinda double Rick Roll you?! OMG. I think I did! GO ME! ::shoots confetti::

So, yes. Thank you for that Puerto Vallarta.

<3 Britt


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