Meet My New Boy Toy


There are going to be so many weird stains and marks on that Garrus statue that by the time I’m done with it, it will be unrecognizable. Mmmmmmm mama’s got a new plaything! (EW I just grossed myself out with that statement.)

But for serious, I need to amp up my Mass Effect collection as it’s pretty pathetic. I don’t even own a legit copy of the first Mass Effect (my friends bought me a used copy that’s missing a cover when I was sick several years back) and I own a regular copy of Mass Effect 2 (my buddy Foz had bought me a CE, and I was supposed to pay him for it, but it was stolen out of his car). Thankfully I own the ME 3 CE (which was a SNAFU all in itself).

Other than the games, though, I own a few books, comics and the collector edition guides for ME2 and ME3. I have a signed photo with the voice actress of Liara (Ali Hillis) and a few photos of Jennifer Hale (femshep) and I, along with her autograph. I also have a signed deck of Mass Effect playing cards and several lithograph posters.  BUT IT IS NOT NEAR ENOUGH.

And obviously the first step of every collection amping is to purchase a…um, a breast? A boob? OH! They’re called “busts” (I knew I was in the ballpark) — so, busts of some of your favorite characters.

As soon as this bad boy ships in June, I’m gonna let the entire world know.


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