Mating Habits in the Mushroom Kingdom

NOW THIS IS MY KIND OF VIDEO. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how I like to start my mornings: With belly laughs that emerge from deep within my soul and uh…ultimately end up in my belly? WHATEVER. Point is I was cackling like a pre-pubescent adolescent all by myself in my house.

But now I can’t stop wracking my brain about the below bad dudes and just how they would get down and dirty:

Piranha Plants

I’m especially curious about the Spinys. I mean, ouch. The Bloobers would probably become nothing but entangled tentacles, and the Piranha Plants…well. I was going to suggest something along the lines of, erm, “Rock, Paper, Scissors(ing)” but I think the teeth would guarantee a bad time. So. Maybe they do it like regular plants do it. I guess that would make the most logical sense. ::rubs beard::

Keep it up, Dorkly. You rock my socks.


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