Mass Effect 3 Log #1: I came.

HEEEEEEEEEELLO, Mass Effect 3! OMGOMGOMG. Dudes, you have no idea how hard it is to be writing this post right now. I should have, like, Mass Effect 3 blasting on my TV and a controller should be in my hand. But alas, I am being a good girl and starting my ME3 log.

Aaaand here are the transferable choices I made. While scanning through these I realized I forgot WTF most of them mean! So, I saved the rachni queen–that’s that big bug thing. I kinda remember that. I saved the council? Really? OOOH that’s right. I saved Wrex on Virmire WITH MY CHARM. The geth heretics…okay…I think I made them “good” guys. I blew up the Collector Base, saved all my squadmates AND I WAS FAITHFUL TO KAIDAN!!! Although I almost fucked up and boinked Garrus. Awwwkward.

What is this I don’t even.

Last I heard there was an issue with importing characters, and I’m glad I know, because my original FemShep looked NOTHING like this. NOTHING! Honestly I had a minor freak-out for a few moments, but whatever. It was the perfect time for a makeover; she’s now a hot blonde!


So, Earth is pretty much getting pwn’d by Reapers. Unfortunate. HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, all is well because within the first 30 minutes…

HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLO MISTER MAN!!! Oh, God. The things I will do to you. You’re now so…studly. So HD-esque. SO ASSERTIVE.

…fawk it. I’m playing ME3 right now. This log can wait.


  1. This morning I woke up and turned on my Xbox to get back to Mass Effect 3…but alas I had to turn the system off and get to work. I will not get to play again for atleast another 15 hours…Fuck my stupid art school and its stupid art projects.ugh I want to get back to playing so badly. Little blue Liara+Shepherd babies aint going to make themselves! oh yeah also the giant fleet of Reapers gently fisting every race in the galaxy.

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