Mario Vs. Pokemon Game Boy Movie

While I’m not entirely sure what it is I just watched, I’m going to assume it had something to do with Irish accents, claymation and this ridiculous heat we’ve been having. Seriously. You can’t stick a bunch of pasty-ass Washingtonians in 90 degree heat for a week straight and expect us to be normal functioning members of society. It just doesn’t work that way. OUR ASSES ARE MELTED TO OUR LEATHER CHAIRS UPSTAIRS IN OUR BEDROOMS THAT AREN’T EQUIPPED WITH AIR CONDITIONING.

Er, sorry. I kind of went off for a moment. BUT YES. Enjoy the random, weird yet awesome film above. And then, if you’re in Washington, drink some water.


  1. At the end when Mario went “Deu deu deuuu deudeu d-deu” Made me think of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar… what, you don’t know what that is?

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